Carbon Accounting services

From carbon footprints and verifications through to compliance based audits and reporting

Carbon Accounting Systems deliver carbon footprinting services both as consultants direct to our customers. We audit organisations, events, products, supply chain and projects. Carbon footprinting is the first step towards effective carbon management. Our work is underpinned by standards such as PAS 2050, ISO 14064 and the GHG protocols and our approach varies to best fulfill your needs, from headline footprints to gain a quick and easy entry level understanding to in-depth analyses providing an advanced understanding, identifying and quantifying risks and opportunities.

Below are some of the business benefits, contact us to find out more.

Aside from addressing pressing environmental issues, by providing managers and professionals with the information they need to reduce carbon emissions effectively, we can help deliver significant business benefits such as;

  • Cost savings linked to energy and waste reduction
  • Increased brand value and brand loyalty
  • Market leadership
  • Competitive advantages
  • Consumer and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Differentiated products and services