Its not all about market share

Several strategic principles underpin our approach;

1. Climate change – An effective response, will depend on an organisation’s ability to:
- accurately measure and understand their climate changing emissions
- analyse the data and identify opportunities for reduction
- engage and motivate employees and suppliers to meet targets

2. Peak oil – A resilient business “fit for the future” is one that has assessed and acted upon potential vulnerabilities to “peak oil” related energy shortages and price hikes.

3. Sustainability – Organisation that are well informed and act decisively will find that transitioning to a sustainable business is a great driver for innovation and opportunity.

We’re a vibrant and ambitious team and with these principles in mind the overarching focus of our ambitions is not market share but to transform and radically reduce the emissions in business, while delivering a service that continually outstrip our client’s expectations.

We know that carbon management is a relatively nascent competency, and one that will rapidly evolve over the next few years along with related methodologies, protocols, emission factors, and regulations. Carbon Accounting Systems is dedicated to leading the way and making the knowledge of risks and opportunities inherent within carbon management easily accessible to all.