BRE Group signs up to new 10:10 carbon reduction commitment

As part of the BRE Group’s continued drive to cut its carbon emissions, it has signed up to a new voluntary carbon initiative 10:10. In doing so BRE joins hundreds of other forward thinking individuals and organisations from across the country to deliver one goal – to cut 10% of CO2 emissions in 2010.

Manager of BRE’s sustainability plan (the S-Plan) Stuart Blofeld commented ‘10:10 will sit very well alongside BRE’s current S-Plan targets. We are currently on track to meet our 2009 electricity emissions target. Signing up to 10:10 will give us the added impetus in 2010 to ensure we don’t take our eye off the ball.’

10:10 was launched at the Tate Modern on 1st September and is backed by major national media partners. It is already supported by some of the biggest names in business, the arts, sport and politics.

To find out more about 10:10 please visit:

Notes to editor

About 10:10 10:10 is a new not-for-profit project from the team behind The Age of Stupid film, in collaboration with more than 60 people. It aims to cut the UK’s carbon emissions by 10% in 2010, in line with what the science says is necessary to limit the impacts of climate change. Anyone can sign up to 10:10, from ordinary people, schools and hospitals to councils and government departments, from corner shops to high streets banks and from the WI to premiere league football clubs. The Energy Saving Trust and Carbon Trust are advising the campaign and supporting individuals and businesses to cut their 10%.

BRE Group The BRE Group is a world leading research, consultancy, training, testing and certification organisation delivering sustainability and innovation across the built environment and beyond. The BRE Group is s owned by the BRE Trust, a registered charity. The profits made by the BRE Group go to the BRE Trust and are used to conduct key research projects that benefit the construction sector and society.

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